Rules for Guardians

Hostel – Rules for Parents/Guardians

  1. Parents/guardians are not permitted to meet the boarders, without the permission of the Principal. They will be allowed to meet the students only on prescribed days. During school hours, parents/guardians are not allowed to visit their wards.
  2. Due to security reasons, only parents/ guardians whose photographs are kept in the authorized register at the hostel are permitted to visit the students and take them on long weekends. Therefore parents are requested to hand over their photographs , details with them and the authorised guardians phone numbers to the school office.
  3. If during the course of a session a student needs to go home, he/she must obtain permission from the Principal in the form of a Leave Request and provide a written request sent by the concerned parents to the administration, giving the valid reason. Parents can send the mail on . In this regard, the school’s leave policy will be observed. Local Parents can take their wards on weekends ( Friday after school hours) and send them back on Sunday evening. Avoid taking them on all the weekends. They can find difficulty in adjusting in the hostel and will miss the tuition / remedial classes.
  4. No permissions will be granted to any student living in hostel for spending night out on weekends unless the parent themselves are available in the town and the student is staying with them.
  5. Parents are advised not to contact the students during mandatory study hours.
  6. Any application for attending marriages, functions or any other events during the school term will not be entertained, unless it pertains to the parent’s or siblings. Written permission in this regard must be obtained in time. No messages over the telephone and whatsapp will be accepted in this regard.
  7. Parents should not supply medicines to the students, unless, specially advised by the family doctor. These must be handed over to the house sister/brother along with instruction/prescription regarding its administration. Such medicines are to be administered entirely at the cost and responsibility of the parents.
  8. The parents are advised to meet their wards on second Saturdays of the month. In case of emergency, the parents or guardian may be allowed to meet with the prior written permission of the Principal. Parent’s visits on other days will not be allowed.
  9. Children will not be allowed to go with the drivers unless proper authority letter with photograph attested by the Principal is carried by him.
  10. On school holidays (Summer Vacation , Winter Vacation, Durgapuja etc) students are not allowed to remain in the hostel . Parents have to get the tickets done keeping the timings of the school in mind. No students will be allowed to leave early
  11. Parents desiring to send any item to their ward should either deliver the same to the Warden or his/her nominee personally. Nothing should be delivered to the boarder directly.
  12. We have infirmary with a trained nurse and tie up with near by hospitals during emergency but however if a doctor has been called in the hostel and various tests have been advised by the Doctor then the expenses incurred will have to be borne by the parents.
  13. 13. Parents are requested not to confirm leave from students over phone. Parents should confirm over phone with warden then only plan to come to take the child.
  14. Students are allowed to talk to the parents from warden’s phone on fix days. No students is allowed to carry the mobile phone.
  15. WITHDRAWALS POLICY: In case of any reason , a student after enrollment in the hostel wishes to withdraw only hostel caution money will be refunded, subject to clearance of all dues payable. In no Circumstances, any dues payable to the hostel will be adjusted against the hostel caution money. A written notice of withdrawal must be given one month (clear) in advance or one months hostel fees must be in lieu thereof.


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