Activity Schedule

Activity Schedule 2023-2024

Sl No Month Class (In Normal Numerals) Type (Individual/Group) Activity Competition Event (For Sports Department) On/Off Stage
1 April Nur-Ukg Group Orientataion Of New Parents      
2 April Nur-Lkg Individual Hands On Colouring Activity      
3 April Nur-Ukg Individual No Fire Cooking      
4 April Nur-1 Individual One Earth One Chance      
5 April Ukg-1 Individual Healthy Life-Active Life Activity Week      
6 May Nur-1 Individual Virtual Tour Of A Departmental Store      
7 May Nur- Ukg Group Mother’s Day      
8 May Nur-1 Individual Pulse Painting      
9 May Nur-1 Individual Colour Day-Red      
10 May Nur-1 Individual Summer Carry Home Activity      
11 June Nur- Ukg Group Father’s Day   Yoga Day  
12 June Nur-1 Individual Colour Day-Yellow      
13 June Nur-1 Individual Connecting Art With Enviornment      
14 July Nur-Lkg Individual Doctor’s Day      
15 July Ukg-1 Individual Make Your Story Puppet      
16 July Nur-1 Individual Rath Yatra Activity Week      
17 July Nur-1 Individual Flora And Fauna Week (Vanmahotsav)      
18 July Nur-1 Individual Cascading Droplets – "The Monsoon Week"      
19 August Nur-1 Individual Rakhi Making Activity      
20 August Nur-1 Group Raksha Bandhan Special Assembly      
21 August Nur- Lkg Individual Patriotic Palette Week      
22 August Nur-Ukg Individual Janmasthami Special Activity      
23 September Nur-Ukg Group Grand Parents Day      
24 September Ukg-1 Individual Show-Tell Activity Week      
25 September Nur-1 Individual Food Festival      
26 October Nur-1   The True Gandhian Week      
27 October Ukg-1   Colour Your Favourite Story Character      
28 October Nur-1   Puja Craft Activity      
29 October Nur-1   Halloween Assembly      
30 November Nur-1   Diwali Activity      
31 November Nur- Lkg   Number Puzzles And Number Games      
32 November Ukg-1   Number Quiz      
33 December Nur-1   Christmas Is Fun Activity      
34 December Nur-1   My Colourful World Of Shapes      
35 December Nur-1   Christmas Carnival      
36 January Ukg-1   Spellathon      
37 January Nur-1   Abhivyakti      
38 January Nur-1   Paper Bag Activity Week      
39 January Nur-1   Book Mark Making Activity      
40 February Nur-1   Saraswati Puja Activity      
41 February Nur-1   Folk Dance Activity      
42 February Nur-1   Best Out Of Waste Activity      
43 February Nur-1   We Love Our Soft Board Activity      
44 February Nur-1   Thread Painting      
45 March Nur-Lkg   See What Colours Can Do      
46 March Ukg-1   Handwriting Activity      
47 March Nur-1   Puppet Making Activity      
48 March Nur-1   Creativity Week (Exhibition)      


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