Saraswati Puja

|| Jayo jayo devi charachoro saare
Kuchojugo sobhito mukta hare
Binaronjita pushtaka haste
Bhagabati bharati devi namastute ||

Goddess Saraswati is considered the god of knowledge, wisdom, art and learning and is admired not only for acquiring knowledge but also for eliminating darkness, ignorance and sluggishness that bore us down. On 26th January, the auditorium of Delhi Public School, Durgapur was decorated with ‘alpona’ and flowers. Saraswati Puja was celebrated to usher in the Goddess clad in white and seek Her blessings to grace the students with the power of speech, wisdom, and learning so that they excel in all aspects in life. All the students and teachers gathered at the school premises to celebrate the day. Puja was offered to the Goddess of Learning by Head Boy and Head Girl of the school.  It was followed by a cultural celebration. A beautiful rendition from students transcended the whole ambience. It was an attempt to infuse creative spirit within and let all explore the spiritual dimension of the celebration to dispel the darkness of ignorance from our lives and illuminate it with the brightness of rationality and understanding. The day came to a close with distribution of ‘Prasad’.


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