Majestic Monsoon Craft with Refreshing Rain

Splashing, splashing in the rain,
Up the street and back again,
Stomping, stomping through the flood,
We don’t mind a bit of mud.
Monsoon is round the corner. It is so exhilarating to see nature burst into life again. Along with arrays of colour and greenery, come rainy days. They go hand in hand – without the rain we wouldn’t have the beauty of new life. But for these little angels of U.KG, it means a bright umbrella, a colourful raincoat, shiny rain boots and puddles to splash in. They are ready with their umbrellas to welcome the rainy season with bright smiles and enjoy the pinpricks of rain drops on their face. Keen to dance in the rain, these kids wait for a beautiful new day which brings a new adventure. What fun!


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