From The Principal’s Desk

The Principal

Dear Parents,

We are at the threshold of yet another eventful year. The Future always brings with it new hopes aspirations and immense possibilities. At Delhi Public School Durgapur we are committed to build a strong foundation for our students by providing them with an environment fit to nurture their multifaceted potential. It is important that the children of today are able to explore their strengths in order to reach their true potential so that they are equipped to be a part of the competitive world yet maintain the culture and values which are the hallmarks of good global citizens.

Academic proficiency is not our only concern but nurturing them with a scientific temper and a spirit of free enquiry is also our objective. At Delhi Public School Durgapur, the students act with their perpetual source of energy, movement and enthusiasm they permeate the atmosphere through their athletics, cultural and recreational pursuits. Along with all this we intend to take up various social causes which make them conscious citizens of the ever changing society.

Our mission is to continue to strive ahead ensuring a holistic and harmonious development of the Dipsites through creativity, individualism and innovation.

I am happy to mention that the previous year’s toils have yielded good returns. The high standard of productive output is visible in every undertaking. Thus looking forward to a great year of excellence with the collective efforts of our management, teachers, parents and pupils.

Warm Regards,
Umesh Ch. Jaiswal

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